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As the years go by, you get to see so many different specialty doctors that it’s hard to remember who’s who. On the other hand, that clinical doctor who cared for your parents throughout your life may no longer be available or is no longer appropriate to care for older adults.

1- Listen To The Opinion Of Your Parents

Unfortunately, there is widespread social prejudice in relation to old age, which is to consider all older adults as sick or disabled. This situation of rejection leads to their not being considered competent to make certain choices, but their rights to decide regarding their health and their person, in general, must be respected.

On the other hand, it is highly unlikely that any treatment or medical indication will be successful if your father or mother does not trust the doctor or simply does not like him. Unless your cognitive ability is very altered, you should talk to your parents about the doctor they chose and discuss together the advantages and disadvantages that may arise.

2- What Specialty Should Be Searched

Unless you are looking to replace a specialist that, for some reason, is no longer available, your parents should ideally have a geriatrician as their primary care physician and that he or she knows which specialists you visit. Or else decide if you need one and refer you to it.

3- The First Impression Matters

All older adults should have a general practitioner or family geriatrician. But undoubtedly, the most important thing is to identify one that is compatible with your parents, in terms of personality and the care they provide. If your parents are not satisfied with this first consultation, if they feel that their questions have not been answered or simply that they do not like this professional, do not insist. It will be a losing battle. Better try to find another doctor.

4- The Location Of The Elderly Doctor

In small cities, it is very common for people to decide to go to the big cities for medical advice, regardless of the distance they are. This may be correct in other cases, but really, do you want your parents’ GP to attend in another city, an hour or more away? Your parents will not always be able to travel there, and they may need a home consultation, which will be really impossible if the doctor is from another city. Unless they live in a city without too many medical resources, always consider first that the professional work close to home.